While we’d like to get to know you better, you’d initially probably like to get a sense for who we are and where we’re coming from. That way, you can see the places we’ll get to, together.

REspace are Collinsville IL & St. Louis Metro Architects who launched the business in 2017 as a virtual architecture firm located in Collinsville, IL. The business concept has been percolating for more than 20 years. Founders and Architects, Eric Bratzler and Ryan C. Suess, realized early on in their respective careers that the sound use of current technology could be leveraged in the architectural field to make the process of creating architecture more efficient. As time passed, they watched more businesses move into the cloud, allowing efficient collaboration regardless of location. Bolstered by the growing number of architecture firms adopting this model, we believed the time was ripe to execute our vision.

As a virtual firm, we spend our resources on smart technology and personal visits to meet with our clients face-to-face. Our hands-on approach allows us to offer high-end service with unprecedented accessibility and efficiency. This is a philosophical choice, and an unwavering commitment we make to our clients.


Image of REspace Design Co-founder, Eric Bratzler.


Eric is one of the founding members and current partners of REspace as well as an architect with broad experience. His architecture is informed by many years spent designing and managing both commercial and residential projects. A believer in the power of opportunity, coupled with determination and hard work, Eric found his passion for architecture early in life. Now, with the knowledge, experience and drive to make your project successful, he and REspace are looking forward to the next challenge. Will it be your project?

Current License(s): MO


A partner and founder of REspace, Ryan is an architect with diverse experience in various project types. Some of his most noteworthy work includes residential, commercial, institutional, and civic projects. His work has taken him across the country from coast to coast and into Canada. Ryan has a passion for the urban environment and the unique opportunities available in rehabilitation, adaptive reuse and new infill.

Current License(s): IL

Co-founder of REspace Design, Ryan C. Suess


We are passionate about Collinsville IL & the St. Louis Metro area. From the rural Ozarks to the U-City bustle as well as the sprawling metro-east hot-spots like Edwardsville, Collinsville, and Belleville, this is our home. We’re excited to center our business here. Furthermore, as a virtual firm without a formal, public office space, our real office is where our clients are. REspace is dedicated to remaining mobile, convenient and imminently reachable for any concern our clients might have.

Additionally, because we’ve managed a variety of projects across the country, we can assemble a high-functioning team of specialists to ensure that every job is executed perfectly to plan.