Phones and Video Conferencing

In a traditional architectural office collaboration requires most or all the following: computer, printer, scanner, a pen or pencil and a phone or close proximity to your team. We use the Surface Book to combine these items into one very mobile tool. This article addresses phone communication.

Utilizing Skype for Business (soon to be integrated with Teams) and the cloud based PBX add-on from Microsoft, the Surface Book allows us to collaborate remotely. If there is enough bandwidth, we launch a video call with the built-in camera and talk face to face. We can share our screens and draw on them to highlight items being discussed and we can give control of our computer over to the person on the other end if necessary. It’s also possible to start an internal video call then dial into a voice only conference call as if sitting around a speaker phone in the same room. Voice calls are also an option if bandwidth isn’t available. The PBX system allows us to forward calls to and make calls from our mobile phone while on the go eliminating the need for a second phone or handing out our personal number. We each have direct lines with voice mail, however, the auto attendant makes only one number necessary to reach either of us, 314.828.1153.

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