Welcome to 2021! We made it through 2020! Shortly, we will offer you a peek into what we’re working on now.

In a previous post about our residential architecture projects we mentioned that the pandemic hadn’t affected our operation as a virtual firm. But how we coordinate with contractors, consultants, and jurisdictions has changed somewhat. Honestly, it will be nice if some of the changes stick.

In the fall we posted about how project types were affected, even here in Southern IL. Those observations and predictions held true for the entire year. The TL;DR is that commercial was down and residential architecture was up.

What We’re Working on Now

Now for some REspace project updates. We’ve been working on the ground in residential architecture and expanding ever more into metro St. Louis and parts of Missouri—in both commercial and residential.

In 2020 we saw construction wrap up on the new All Volleyball headquarters and start on a private residence in Shrewsbury, Missouri. Along with a few deck projects, there was a fun little tree fort. We completed plans for the new Budget Heating Cooling and Plumbing headquarters in Troy, MO, and we started on a new home in central Illinois that will have a mid-century modern feel as well as be net zero.* We look forward to sharing more with you about these projects in the future. Also keep an eye out for our upcoming post on the completion of the All Volleyball project. For now, enjoy some construction photos of the home in Shrewsbury and the completed tree fort.

*For net zero, we like the definition offered by Josh Burke (Green Biz), who is a policy fellow in the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. “Net zero refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere. . . . In contrast to a gross-zero target, which would reduce emissions from all sources uniformly to zero, a net-zero emissions target is more realistic because it allows for some residual emissions.”