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Space, in an architectural sense, is about the parity of positive and negative; passive and active; interior and exterior. At REspace Design, we’re inspired by this dichotomy. We purposefully build a diverse team of professionals who lend different experiences, perspectives, and stylistic sensibilities to your project, which allows us to reimagine, redefine, and repurpose space in original and distinct ways. The commitment to our craft, efficient use of technology, and our customized, in-person services enable us to see our projects through our clients’ eyes. Whether we are designing your dream home, redesigning a commercial office space, or developing a strategy to make an old structure more energy efficient, our goal is always the same: to provide every client with the space that fits their specific vision and lifestyle.

So how does the process work you might ask? And it is a good question. If you have never undertaken a construction project on the scale of a building it can seem overwhelming. At REspace we work in collaboration with you, the Owner, each step of the way. Below, we have some graphic charts that show the step by step process through a residential and commercial project. If you head over to the Services Page, you will see detailed descriptions of each service shown. Buildings are some of the last things that are largely still made by hand and therefore, each project is a unique challenge. Each step of the process chart may or may not be required. In the early stages of the project, when we have a good understanding of the project scope, we plan a clear path forward incorporating the correct parts of the process for your project.

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