Homeowner Benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022, kicking off $9B in funding for States and Tribes tantamount to the Electric stovetops are covered under rebate programs housed in the IRA. Photo by RODNAE Productions, from pexels.com biggest investment in home-energy improvements (triggering likely homeowner benefits) and [...]

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REspace Celebrates 5 Years!

Happy anniversary to us! It has been an interesting and fulfilling first 5 years here at REspace. We have grown, our clients have increased, and our project types have steadily improved. Even more exciting is that we have recently begun to add staff! Quite the journey so far. Ryan and I, our families as well [...]

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Bricks Still Click with Homeowners

Brick abides! In fact, archaeological records trace fired or “baked” bricks of clay back to at least 2,600 BCE. Fired brick use continues to thrive today, of course, as it remains one of the most sustainable, fire- and insect-resistant, and strongest building materials available. Plus, as a homeowner or homeowner-to-be of a historic brick home [...]

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2021: A REspace odyssey

Although we were relatively quiet in terms of blogging throughout 2021, we have a very good reason. As a southern Illinois architecture firm that is also fully virtual, we were busy managing a myriad of architecture and construction projects! This full slate included the final photographic documentation of the All Volleyball headquarters project, whose construction [...]

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Finding the “Right” Rural Home: We Have a Plan for That

According to Moversville, finding the “right” home is the #1 challenge when moving to a rural or less populous area. But you're likely here on our page because you've already weighed all the pros and cons. You've checked all the angles—acute and obtuse—of living the rural life and you're all in for nature. Or you'd [...]

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REspace Celebrates 4th Anniversary!

...And You Won't Believe What Happened Next! Watch that fourth year! It was a doozy. As of May 2nd REspace has been in business for four years, and this year the whole REspace family celebrated with Tacos and Baseball! After grabbing lunch at Mission Taco we headed downtown to watch the Cardinals play the Reds [...]

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Are Antimicrobials Effective in the Home?  

Microbes Weigh on Our Minds It's no wonder that homeowners and those in the market for a home are wondering if antimicrobials (essentially "germ-killers") are effective and safe. Although the number of vaccinated people continues to rise in the U.S. and globally, as of this writing, COVID-19 has killed close to 590,000 Americans and more [...]

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What We’re Working on Now

Welcome to 2021! We made it through 2020! Shortly, we will offer you a peek into what we're working on now. In a previous post about our residential architecture projects we mentioned that the pandemic hadn't affected our operation as a virtual firm. But how we coordinate with contractors, consultants, and jurisdictions has changed somewhat. [...]

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A Last-Minute Gift Idea for the Design-Curious Child

If you are still looking for that unique last-minute gift idea for the holidays, one we might suggest for children is author Lora Teagarden's The Little Architect's Alphabet: Learning Your Letters through Design. The book was published in October 2020. My children and I recently finished reading this primer on architecture and design, and it [...]

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Three Critical Ways Architects Help You Complete a Building Project

Hello, and welcome to our new series on Architectural Services. This series serves as a response to the numerous questions we get from new clients who have not experienced the architectural process of design and construction. So, if you have ever wondered what is zoning in architecture or what services an architect provides, look no farther. [...]

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