We’re approaching 2 1/2 years! Remember, when you’re two, that half was a big deal to you as well. Possibly so much so that you started saying half once you reached 1/3.

Marketing . . . we’re always tweaking our social media presence and we recently had a poll regarding our Facebook offerings. Our goal is to be informative and entertaining. If you participated, thanks—and keep an eye out for an upcoming post there regarding the poll. And as always, keep an eye out for me sporting my REspace cycling kit.

The Storage of America project in Moline, Ill., is under construction, and Aurora, Ill., is still in the planning and zoning stage. Planning, am I right? Our ongoing collaboration with Henderson Associates Architects on the IBEW union hall has reached the construction stage. More commercial projects are on the horizon with existing as well as new clients, and additional collaborations are underway, too.

The dormer addition is complete, and the owner is happy. If the owner is happy, we’re happy! We also have a deck rebuild and a major renovation/addition that is about to begin construction. Plus, there are more projects in the works, with intriguing design challenges that we look forward to solving.

Finally, we’re happy to report that 2019 has already surpassed 2018. Thanks for all of your support as we grow!