According to Moversville, finding the “right” home is the #1 challenge when moving to a rural or less populous area.

But you’re likely here on our page because you’ve already weighed all the pros and cons. You’ve checked all the angles—acute and obtuse—of living the rural life and you’re all in for nature. Or you’d like to have a gateway home to help you reconnect to nature and live more sustainably.

You don’t have to be Alaskan bush people to appreciate or need the quiet greenery, the absence (or at least lack) of loud or annoying neighbors, the reduced light pollution, the slow life. A modest getaway home with a stunning clerestory view and wraparound porch suits many solitude-seekers and amateur astronomers alike. Do you long to watch the sun spill out across the lake or light dance through the trees from your own wraparound deck or the screened in porch?

Whatever the case, and wherever you intend to put down roots, finding a near-perfect piece of land and the “right” home design for your needs can be one of the most daunting experiences in an adult’s life.

That’s where we can help streamline the process with a ready-to-go home plan specially tailored to the rural aesthetic.

Finding the Right Home for You

The Flatlands Plan

The Flatlands plan in its current design configuration features a large living space, ample owner suite, and an efficient kitchen/dining arrangement with adjacent screened porch. A loft space with clerestory views and the generously proportioned wrap-around deck make for work or R&R and entertainment spaces that inspire time and again.

That said, we can customize the design footprint to your heart’s content to best suit your needs.

Want a cutting-edge culinary makerspace to explore your passion for all things gastronomic? The Flatlands can do that.

Need a quiet area where you can monitor your child’s virtual school or write that novel you’ve always been meaning to? Yep, the Flatlands can assist you there, too.

Are you ready to switch out city sprawl for country bucolic? Because that’s totally in The Flatlands’ design wheelhouse.

As the home is envisioned on a waterfront location with a pier foundation—it can be adapted to many otherwise unsuitable sites—or forested lots.

My, How Homes Have Changed

No doubt, mostly the pandemic has been terrible. But if anything good can be said to arise from the ashes of this global crisis, it has been a (r)evolution in the ways we Americans think about home and how we can best spend our time there.

Our home spaces have transformed as a result of this new reality. Sometimes they’ve blurred with our workspaces and even our hobby/workout or school spaces. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen our homes reconfigured into gyms or fitness areas, skating rinks, home offices or workspaces, mother-in-law/family additions, garages or craft/sewing rooms, and oftentimes classrooms.

Some of us have taken on the role of family caregivers like never before. Or we’ve moved back in with family. Our homes’ interiors (and sometimes exteriors) have needed to be redesigned to accommodate these changes.

Others have renewed their commitments to a minimalist or more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

The Flatlands plan embraces this entire milieu of transition with its flexibility and forward-looking design.

Try Before You Buy

During the heart of the pandemic in 2020, but continuing throughout 2021, real estate agents saw a 12% surge in the crop of people looking to trade Manhattan for that countryside.

Finding the “just right” home, whether it’s rural or urban, can be one of the most challenging—but also the most personally satisfying—experiences of a person’s life. It’s not a decision anyone wants to make lightly.

So, some choose to dip a tentative toe into the waters of homeownership. And a ready-to-go fully customizable plan like the Flatlands fits that bill.

And if you count yourself among that population but would like to “try before you buy” with the country life, then The Flatlands can also be your gateway/getaway. It can accommodate your desire for big [or small] backyard cookouts, canoe or bike racks, woodpiles, or any number of lifestyle or living needs to put you back within nature’s good graces.

Regardless of where you’d want your Flatlands-style home to land, we’ll help you feather the nest to be your great escape from whatever city still stirs you. When you need a break from the city’s bump and clang and grinding hubbub, the Flatlands will still be waiting. Tailor-made for you and your family.

This has been the first of our blog posts introducing our various house plans available for your customization. Because REspace is a virtual firm (and has been since 2017), we can meet you wherever you are, whenever you need us.

We don’t have to tell you that finding the right rural home can be a springboard to your dreams and goals. It can renew your fount of creativity, of vitality, of joy of sustainably living in this world. It can connect you to nature, to your family, and back to yourself, your talents and passions.

We’d love to help you recharge your energies with a customized home that fosters your family’s lifestyle.

Have questions or ready to invest in The Flatlands? Please click here for our contact form.