REspace Celebrates 5 Years!

Happy anniversary to us! It has been an interesting and fulfilling first 5 years here at REspace. We have grown, our clients have increased, and our project types have steadily improved. Even more exciting is that we have recently begun to add staff! Quite the journey so far. Ryan and I, our families as well [...]

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REspace Celebrates 4th Anniversary!

...And You Won't Believe What Happened Next! Watch that fourth year! It was a doozy. As of May 2nd REspace has been in business for four years, and this year the whole REspace family celebrated with Tacos and Baseball! After grabbing lunch at Mission Taco we headed downtown to watch the Cardinals play the Reds [...]

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REspace Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

It's been another year already‽ On May 2nd REspace passed the 2-year mark and to celebrate our 2nd anniversary we watched the Cardinals play the Pirates from the balcony at Ball Park Village with our lovely wives. It was a brisk evening for May and even though the Pirates…plundered; we enjoyed the food, drink and [...]

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One Year Anniversary

Wow that was fast! It's our one year anniversary! REspace barreled through our first year with several successes and some lessons learned. To honor the event properly, a little reflection is in order. It’s been a good first year and that is directly attributable to our Clients. Many thanks to all of you that have [...]

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