A stylized rendering of a bungalow in the craftsman architectural style. The view is of the front of the house from the street at a slight angle. A wide stair to the porch with a wood railing on both sides leads to the door centered on the front of the house. Typical of the style, the roof pitch becomes shallower as it extends over the front porch. The roof over the porch is supported by wood columns with a thick base that start to taper above the wood railing. A dormer is centered above the door with a chimney attached to the right side of the dormer. The chimney is set back from the front of the dormer where the roof for the dormer intersects with the main roof. A large tree and a partial view of the adjacent house is on the left. To the right there is a smaller tree in the front yard off the corner of the porch. A glimpse of the adjacent house to the right can be seen beyond the tree. The image has a hand drawn feel with heavy, black, sketchy lines on white paper with a rough texture except for the sky. They Sky has a muted medium blue gradient that shifts to a pale grayish blue at the horizon.